Mobile Image Parametric Systems


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TARGET designer

Target Designer is a Test Creation application, that makes creating and modifying target files quick and easy. These printed targets are essential in the testing of Camera Modules (Image Sensors). Target materials can vary from reflective paper stock for use in front lighting systems or transparent materials for use in backlit systems. Many measurement types can be derived from a single target image. These target files then can be printed locally from a Web Browser or sent to an external print service for high resolution prints. Target Designer performs positioning and scaling of target objects with ease and accuracy. Scaling of objects and the whole target is determined by entering a few camera module specifications and test system parameters into Target Designer.

Object List

A grid of checkers contained within a rectangle.
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With fill and border options. Can also create a matrix of circles in a grid fashion.
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With fill and border options.
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Custom Object
Group of standard objects saved as a custom object for insertion into another target file.
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Edge in Box
A single slanted edge within a rectangle.
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Edge in Box2
Two slanted edges within a rectangle.
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Focus Wheel
A group of triangles positioned within a circle drawn from center to outer edge.
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Line Pairs
Pairs of lines contained within a rectangle with 1, 2, or 4 sets of line pairs.
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Line Pairs Swept
Frequency Swept Line Pairs from start to end in LW/PH units.
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Line Wedge
Options of 3 to 15 lines per wedge in LW/PH units.
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With width control in pixels or LW/PH.
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Radial Line Pairs
In LW/PH units, they are centered in the image with no bounding box.
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With options for solid fill or gradient fill (linear or radial).
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Step Chart
With up to 32 steps in vertical, horizontal, or radial positioning (can import color values for steps from external CSV file).
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With pre-canned text from Target File parameters or custom field entry.
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With right angle option and solid or line pair fill option.
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