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Image Analysis Suite

Image Analysis Suite is an image analysis application. It performs analysis of digital images produced from Digital Camera Modules/Image Sensors. The IAS application contains a suite of image analysis algorithms that can analyze a single image or a directory of images, and output measurement results and auxiliary data. IAS Application The IAS user interface is intuitive and easy to use, with logical navigation and many features and tools to aid in the investigation of image quality issues. IAS is deigned to Test images with pass fail results just as you would find in a manufacturing environment, and reports auxiliary data that is usable by image science and test engineers for improving image processing pipelines and manufacturing processes. IAS contains many of its own analysis algorithms but also contains SMIA and CPIQ algorithms. MIP Systems is developing more analysis algorithms to complement its already full list of algorithms, to be added in future releases.

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IAS Software Development Kit

Image Analysis Suite Software Development Kit is an image analysis tool-kit. This tool kit contains all of the image analysis algorithms from the Image Analysis Suite application and a handful of commonly used functions. IAS SDK Utility The IAS SDK contains the image analysis algorithms and functions for interfacing into your own application. These algorithms and functions come in DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files and NI-Labview VI files. We support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these algorithms and functions for both DLLs and Labview VIs. The Labview VIs our supported in Labview 2012 development system or greater versions. The IAS SDK contains an application called IAS SDK Utility that list all analysis algorithms and functions available. It also contains the Software Key check, and a USB Key check function. You can activate the IAS SDK license via the Software Key check function, or you can purchase a USB Key dongle (a hardware license key). You can validate the USB key by using the USB Key check function.

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Test Sequencer

Test Sequencer is a LabVIEW based test executive application. It executes and controls a sequence of steps to test a single device under test for manufacturing production test systems. Test Sequencer has many features and capabilities and allows the test developer freedom to add their own steps and functions to the Step Engine and create and edit their test sequences within the Test Sequencer. Test Sequencer Application Test Sequencer has customizable user interface elements. Configurable key board short cut assignments for most user interface controls, and adjustable Test Sequence List font size. Configure up to 4 custom ID Fields, and 4 custom Entry Fields. All fields can have custom labels assigned to them, and have adjustable font size, and container size attributes. Test Sequencer has a Stop on Fail attribute for steps and an overall enable of Stop on Fail. Three user levels Operator, Technician, and Engineer to restrict user access or editing of certain attributes of the sequence file. Breakpoint capability at step level with single stepping through the test sequence. Runtime status for whole sequence and individual steps. Test Sequencer generates a XML formatted test report for database importing. Abort capability by user or if system error is detected.

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Target Chart

Target Chart is a Test Creation application, that makes creating and modifying target files quick and easy. These printed targets are essential in the testing of Camera Modules (Image Sensors). Target materials can vary from reflective paper stock for use in front lighting systems or transparent materials for use in backlit systems. Many measurement types can be derived from a single target image. These target files then can be printed locally from a Web Browser or sent to an external print service for high resolution prints. Target Chart performs positioning and scaling of target objects with ease and accuracy. Scaling of objects and the whole target is determined by entering a few camera module specifications and test system parameters into Target Chart.

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RAW Image Viewer

RAW Image Viewer is an image viewing application. It is used to display many image file types, including BIN, BMP, CSV, IAS, IAT, JPG, PNG, and RAW files. The IAS and IAT file types are specific to the Image Analysis Suite application, and to IAS SDK.

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Image Acquisition Control

Image Acquisition Control application controls and captures camera image data from the ISL-4800 image capture system from Jova Solutions. This applcation can be modified by MIP Systems to add other types of Camera capture device via PCI-E, USB and Ethernet.

MIP Systems has created the necessary software products to support a manufacturing camera test system. Develop your tests using the "IAS-SDK" and deploy to your test system and integrate into the “Test Sequencer”.
Use “Target Chart” to create your printed target images and install the prints into your test systems optical path. Use “IAS” to investigate exported images from the test system or use to verify parameters and limits during test development.