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MIP Systems provides software applications and development kits for Camera Module/Image Sensor Image Analysis testing, and creates comprehensive software solutions to meet the business and technical requirements for specific markets and customers.

MIP Systems software products include "Image Metrics" and "IM-SDK" (Software Development Kit). "Image Metrics" contains a suite of applications to support image analysis. "Image Metrics" outputs analysis reports and auxiliary measurement data that is usable by image scientists and test engineers for improving image processing pipelines and manufacturing processes.

Image Metrics applications

MIP Systems "Image Metrics" comes with three applications, "Image Metrics", "Template Designer" and "Color Chart Tool".
This suite of applications is FREE to download and use with no license key.

Target Designer

Target Designer is a Target Creation application, that makes creating and modifying camera target files quick and easy.
This application is FREE to download and use with no license key.

image metrics sdk

MIP Systems "Image Metrics SDK" comes with the core analysis algorithms from "Image Metrics" plus addtional image conversion functions. These algorithms and functions come in DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files and NI-Labview (2107) VI files. Some of the algorithms and functions use OpenCV libraries and C++ image functions. The IM-SDK is 64-bit only.
The "Image Metrics SDK" USB License Key cost is $3600 US (per machine) and can be purchased by contacting MIP Systems for a quote.


Tesla Motors

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Tesla designs and manufactures premium electric vehicles.

MIP Systems provided the MIPS SDK for Tesla's automotive camera test systems and supported integration efforts.


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Vaddio is the premier global manufacturer of PTZ cameras, specialty camera control systems and professional USB peripherals for the audiovisual, videoconference and broadcast marketplaces.


“MIP Systems provided excellent support and a great product that seamlessly integrated with our application. They were willing to add features to fit our needs and they took the time to give direct training on the usage of features that specifically pertained to our use.”
- David Scheler -